Today we release: THE ADEPT'S BUILD!

This is a long-awaited magic-focused build of the game, introducing all ten possible Rites in-game (the Rite of the Sea's Feasting; the Rite of the Beast's Division; the unholy, cataclysmic Intercalate Rite...). It also introduces Tools, Ingredients and Influences to help with your rituals, as well as a number of new summonables and dastardly culty deeds. And a whale's belly of associated Lore, Followers, NPCs, art, UI improvements, bug fixes...

We reckon this takes the game to 60% complete, which is on track with our development plan. Woohoo! 

Full patch notes on our blog here, or on the store page here.  As ever, let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues at Enjoy! ❤︎

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