A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


From the creative director of Sunless Sea and Fallen London: a single-player narrative digital boardgame of mystery, experimentation and self-destruction. Find abominable rites in dreams. Craft tools and summon spirits. Indoctrinate innocents. Choose between sane and insane victory conditions. Become the herald of a new age. [NOTE: this is a free prototype!]


This is a prologue-prototype of the game, with a fraction of the final content... but it's free. I've released it to give people a taster while I go off to write for BioWare. If you enjoy it, sign up at www.cultistsimulator.com for updates, and I'll let you know when I get back into active development.

In the meantime, please do share your feedback, and let me know about issues, here! https://www.reddit.com/r/weatherfactory


Design, writing, coding: Alexis Kennedy

UI design, audio and additional coding: Martin Nerurkar

Art: Catherine Unger & Clockwork Cuckoo

=============CHANGE LOG for 0.7.41=============

Hotfixed a couple of content bugs! Special thanks to Reddit user Escapade84 for a quick turnaround.

=============CHANGE LOG for 0.7.4==============

- now includes *actual cultists*!

- Mystique and Notoriety can be used to found and fuel a cult

- You can now meet acquaintances and confound them with your occult knowledge, or recruit them to your cult

- Followers can be sent on missions (just one demo mission in the alpha)

- The authorities may take an interest in you.

- More lore!


- infuriating issue where action tokens would sometimes be stuck complete, but empty, should now be resolved.

=============CHANGE LOG for!==============

- Bug fix: the Consent of Wounds can now be found in a certain book.

- Bug fix: newly created cards should no longer disappear when dropped in an unsuitable place.

- TOTALLY UNTESTED Linux build now available.

=============CHANGE LOG for 0.7.3!===============

- Restart issues should all now be fixed.

- BLACK CARD OF INELUCTABLE DOOM issue where action windows became frozen now fixed.

- Doubled default duration of all notification windows

- Clicking notification windows dismisses them.

- Space bar to pause (and esc for options)

Note: Mac build is 100% untested!

Install instructions

This is a free alpha with a fraction of the final content. If you'd like to support the project, or have something to say, do visit www.cultistsimulator.com


CultistSimulatorPrototype0_741.zip (71 MB)
CS0741.app.zip (OSX, barely tested) (74 MB)
CultistSimulator0741.tar (Linux, barely tested) (132 MB)